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Which XStream HDVR Solution Is Right for You?

Thank you for your interest in Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering software. Before you request additional information, please read the following to help you decide which flavor of XStream HDVR best meets your needs.


Fovia provides its XStream HDVR technology to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). If you are an OEM interested in integrating Fovia’s volume visualization technology into your products or product lines, request an online demonstration.


Fovia makes High Definition Volume Rendering technology available to qualified universities and research institutions exclusively for non‑commercial purposes. If you are a researcher interested in XStream HDVRapply here.

End Users

Fovia does not currently offer products to end users. Visit  Customers to find one of our customers that offers XStream HDVR in your field, or contact us for assistance. If you wish to be notified when an end user product becomes available, Contact Us.

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