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We thought you might enjoy watching a few video clips about High Definition Volume Rendering. They will give you an idea of how XStream HDVR is being used to view images otherwise inaccessible to the human eye. If you would like to see additional videos, specifically movies rendered with XStream HDVR, visit our Gallery. If you are interested in the range of data types that XStream HDVR can render, and its possible applications, visit Supported Data Formats.

NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Three dimensional body mapping is changing the way doctors are trained and patients are treated. Using Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering software, Silicon Valley company eHuman has created a computerized atlas of the human body.

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ABC News

ABC News, San Francisco

Meet a man who is more than 2,500 years old via a museum exhibition that combines archeology, ancient history, modern medicine, science, technology and art. Fovia’s XStream HDVR software provides stunning, detailed fly-through movies of an ancient Egyptian priest.

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Stanford University

Stanford University Documentary

See the entire process of digitally “unwrapping” a mummy, starting with its delicate transportation from the Legion of Honor in San Francisco to Stanford University for CT scanning, and culminating with the creation of spectacular 3D fly-through movies using Fovia’s XStream HDVR software.

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ABC News

ABC News, View from the Bay

Take a fantastic 3D voyage inside a real Egyptian mummy! Fovia’s XStream HDVR software is used to reveal the secrets of Irethorrou, an Egyptian priest who lived circa 500 B.C. See an astonishing 3D fly-through movie based on CT scans taken at Stanford University.

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