Supported Data Formats

XStream HDVR Serves a Variety of Markets Through its Ability to Render Any Volumetric Dataset.


Examples of data that Fovia renders include:

• CT • MRI • fMRI • CBCT • US • OCT • MicroCT • PET • SPECT • .Float • SEGY • .Raw

What can Fovia render for you?

Data in the World Market

Imaging acquisition technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, the amount of data captured has grown exponentially, and the technological advancements required for efficient visualization and distribution of such data have been slower to materialize. This disparity presents challenges to traditional workflows. Fovia’s technology provides a flexible solution for acquiring, viewing, storing, sharing and distributing volumetric data.

2D – XStream HDVR Enables Both Standard and Advanced 2D Modes

3D – XStream HDVR Provides Unparalleled Quality and Performance Using Sub-voxel Supersampling

4D – XStream HDVR Enables Unparalleled Local and Remote Rendering for 4D Gated Studies

XStream HDVR Enables Complex Rendering! Request a Demo.

adminSupported Data Formats