F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation

Create Rich Visualization Applications with Interactive 3D Segmentation Technology

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Integrate the Power of F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation Into Your Applications

Whether used alone or in conjunction with other segmentation algorithms, F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation allows physicians to reduce complex case times from hours to minutes, thereby expediting reporting and streamlining diagnoses. As a result of this groundbreaking technology, developers can now build innovative segmentation applications that were previously cumbersome and impractical to create.

“Typically, segmentation might take between 30 and 45 minutes per case, but using F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation (and no pre‑processing), the Fovia folks were able to do this in under 3 minutes.”

“The images are impressive, but actually watching this process take place is staggering, particularly to those of us who use advanced visualization products regularly.”

~ Dr. Dalai’s PACS Blog

F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation for Artificial Intelligence

The powerful combination of F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation and Fovia Ai provides breakthrough segmentation performance and accuracy for machine learning. By utilizing these complementary technologies, companies can offer visualization of AI detection and segmentation results represented as 3D-labeled voxels, create multi‑structured 3D segmentation labels for workflows, and truth annotate data faster and more accurately than previously possible.

F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation together with Fovia Ai can help deliver unparalleled software solutions to your customers. Request a Demo.

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