F.A.S.T. RapidPrint

F.A.S.T. RapidPrint

Fovia’s F.A.S.T. RapidPrint volume-to-print technology is a crucial tool for companies that need 3D printing from radiology images, industrial scans or other volumetric data, and want the convenience of an integrated solution. The 3D printing features can be easily added directly to existing software or utilized to create new products. F.A.S.T. RapidPrint provides quick-edit volume printing capabilities for use in medical applications (e.g., prosthetics, cardiac, orthopedics, intraoperative planning), educational applications (e.g., simulation, patient education), and in various other vertical markets (e.g., dental, industrial).

F.A.S.T. RapidPrint Advantages

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Lowers costs
  • Removes barriers to development
  • Increases adoption
  • Enables a more integrated solution
  • Facilitates remote capabilities

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Improve 3D Print Workflows

The imaging component of 3D printing serves as the backbone of, and starting point for, numerous 3D print processes, and therefore, is crucial to the efficiency and quality of the 3D printing workflow. F.A.S.T. RapidPrint not only provides Fovia’s gold standard in imaging, but also helps optimize DICOM-to-print workflows by reducing steps, saving time and minimizing errors. Using F.A.S.T. RapidPrint as the platform for DICOM 3D print products will help accelerate innovation and increase user adoption.

One Unified Solution

F.A.S.T. RapidPrint provides functionality to convert all or a portion of a dataset to a polygon mesh for printing. In addition, it provides OEMs the development tools to extract, manipulate, visualize, optimize and save vertex-based objects—all within one application. F.A.S.T. RapidPrint allows polygon-based mesh objects to be dynamically constructed for maximum flexibility. Together with  F.A.S.T. Interactive SegmentationF.A.S.T. RapidPrint provides quicker and more reliable solutions for your customers.

Flexible Polygon Tools

With F.A.S.T. RapidPrint, users can perform quick and easy segmentations, edit segmentations on-the-fly, export multiple polygon objects concurrently, render polygons and volumes together for analysis, colorize objects in a variety of ways and more. Just ask. F.A.S.T. RapidPrint also allows OEMs to create one solution for multiple modalities and multiple platforms. As a result, F.A.S.T. RapidPrint helps optimize resources, save time, and cut down on costs.

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