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We Resolve Our Customers’ Image Processing and Data Challenges

Find out why some of the world’s largest companies, including GE Healthcare, IBM, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are customers of Fovia. Think about how your customers, in a variety of markets, can benefit from the unrivaled image quality and uncompromised performance of High Definition Volume Rendering.

Our OEM Customers Enjoy:

  • Leveraging XStream HDVR to conserve their R&D resources
  • Versatile, “future-proof” scalability
  • Adaptability to address dynamic market needs
  • Various flexible integration options
  • Local, enterprise-wide and cloud-based deployments
  • Multi-data capabilities for numerous products and fields

Our Technology Offers:

  • State-of-the-art advanced visualization
  • High fidelity, highly responsive XStream HDVR platform
  • Anytime, anywhere image access
  • Extensive feature set for a variety of applications
  • Innovative, software-only OEM solution
  • Proprietary CPU-based, volume rendering algorithms

To learn more, visit Product Overview or Technology Overview. Ready for a demo? Contact Us

Become a Fovia Customer

Ready to add best-in-class visualization to your product line? Take the plunge! Ask for a High Definition Volume Rendering demonstration (and software evaluation license). Request a Demo today. Interested in learning more about our advantages first? Look under the hood! It’s time to further explore what makes High Definition Volume Rendering the world’s leading imaging technology. To learn more visit Advantages Overview.